Beauty on a Budget: The basics

No matter your financial situation dishing out a lot of money for things like make up and hair products gets a little old after while. Especially if make up is an everyday thing for you. 
 My two biggest reasons aside from my personal financial situation is the fact that its just not worth it. You shouldn’t have to take out a loan just to buy some designer brand lipstick. AND we are ALL being scammed. There are some situations where you may have to pay more for a better product but in my personal experience make up is not one of them. (Unless you deal with allergies or skin with special make up needs) 


So here are my Beauty on a Budget basics

1. Get a sally’s card. I love love love Sally’s Beauty Supply. They are a store that sells salon style products to the common folk a.k.a. those of us who haven’t gone through beauty school or work at a salon. So you and me can get some of those fancy salon items at a good price. I personally get my hair products from Sally’s. I also by my false eyelashes from them as well. They are ALWAYS having sales and with a sally’s card you can save quite a few dollars on some stuff. They have everything. I could spend hours in their tiny little stores. Seriously, check them out.

2. E.L.F. Make up. When I do my reviews of products or tutorials I will most likely be using E.L.F. Cosmetics. They are a god send. They have amazing products for half the price of covergirl and other products like that. And in my opinion they are better. Another amazing thing about E.L.F. is that they are always having online sales. And I’m not talking lame sales with 10% off orders of 40+ dollars. No. Their sales are more like 50%, free shipping, and a lot of times you can get a free or discounted gift if you spend usually about 15-20 dollars. I check their website everyday for sales. Even if I don’t need any new makeup sometimes I buy in advance if I can get my favorite lipstick 50% off plus free shipping. And when I say cheap make up I mean its 1 dollar to 7 dollars for most make up. And GREAT quality too. 

3. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair tools and products. Especially your hair tools like straighteners and curling irons. You don’ have to buy multiple hair wands and curling irons for every look. You can get multiple styles from one basic curling iron. It just takes some practice and experimenting. 

4. This may sound lame, But coupons are awesome. Some how I have a subscription to allure magazine that just started showing up at my house and it is filled with coupons and free samples of face masks and such. 

5. This is similar to my first tip, but I didn’t want to make it any longer. Sign up for any kind of rewards program. Personally I prefer Walgreens rewards program because I can get a lot of beauty products and hair products “buy one, get one free,” or “buy one, get one half off”. But CVS has one, Rite Aid has one. Most drug stores and some grocery stores like Meijer have rewards programs. So don’t be afraid to sign up.

6. If you want to try out the pricier make up every now and then check out their websites. Sometimes they give away free samples or you can buy samples at a good price. My personal favorite is Glam Glow. They sell their masks for 70 dollars a jar. But on their website you can get 6 sample masks (2 of 3 different kinds of masks) for 12 dollars. In my opinion its worth it because I apply a different mask every few weeks. 

7. Sign up for newsletters and email alerts. I know they can spam your inbox but every now and then there are coupons and special offers that can really make a difference in the price. 

And those are my basic tips for beauty on a budget.


Making Some Changes

Hello Everyone! 
I am so happy about the amount of traffic I have gotten on my blog and I’m so glad all of you take some time out of your day to read my blog. 
But I am going to make some changes. 

I have recently been inspired by the fact that I am completely broke. I am going to start a beauty on a budget type blog. 

I love makeup and hair. I love trying out new makeup and doing my hair. But I have a budget in doing so. So I am going to start doing tutorials for make up and hair. I am also going to be sharing my favorite money saving beauty hacks and my absolute favorite brands. 

So hang with me as I make this slight transition. 

(Also keep an eye out, I may be changing my blog name soon.) 

xx- Alyssa

Dear Silent Observer

Dear Silent Observer, Why didn’t you speak up? Did you not want to get involved? Did you think I could handle myself, did you think she could handle herself? Did you think the cat calling from the stranger was innocent? Would you find it to be innocent if she was 13 instead of 18 and would it still be innocent if she was your mother, your sister, your daughter? Six degrees of separation isn’t enough to buy your concern? Too many men let this go on. Many men condemn their own sexes behavior in quiet conversation but its funny how conversation rarely leads to action. When I go to the store, or work, or the gas station I do not need an opinion on how I look from a stranger and I most definitely do not need his continued disgusting remarks after I said “Fuck off” and I do not need his nauseating stare and I do not need to look up at you, Silent Observer, and wonder why you  say nothing. Who are you? I wonder. I can see you are as uncomfortable as me. I can see that you seem upset with what he’s saying but still you say nothing. You do not realize it but your silence is as dangerous as the words coming from the harasser’s mouth. The silence creates a sound of its own. The sound says “what you are doing is okay. It is not wrong.” Do you have daughters? Or worse, do you have sons? Are they as silent as you? Or do they harass women on the street?

Dear fathers, dear brothers, dear husbands, dear boyfriends and fiances, dear mean in uniform, men in leadership, and men who lead congregations. Dear men who are supposed to be there whenever we are being harmed or abused. Not because you are men and we are women. But because we are humans living in this world together. Where are your guts? Where are your words? Where is your anger and if you have any then why don’t you speak it out loud. There is a crisis in America. Too many women are likely to victims of sexual assault, harassment or rape in their life.Let me rephrase that… Too many of your daughters, your wives, your nieces, your sisters, and your mothers are likely to be victims of sexual assault, harassment or rape. When people make rape jokes you stay silent. When women are harassed on the street you remain quiet. Why is it so god damn hard to speak up? What will you lose by saying something? Will the attention be uncomfortable? But will it make you as uncomfortable as the woman being harassed? Is your temporary unease not worth her safety? Why don’t you say something when your friends make rape jokes? Would you even say something if they actually raped someone? You men have the opportunity to make a difference. You have the opportunity to make the world better for the women in your lives. And women in general. Why don’t you take that chance?

Dear young teenage boy with a bunch of douchebag friends, Screw them. Forget them. They aren’t your friends. You don’t need friends that joke about raping women and you don’t need friends that talk about women like cattle instead of people. And you defiantly don’t need friends that cat call and harass women on the streets because you are better then that. Don’t be afraid to stand up to them. I know why you’re scared to call them our on rape jokes and cat calls. Its the same reason you don’t call them out of gay jokes either. Because that makes you gay. But who fucking cares? if recognizing a horrible crime like rape isn’t something to joke about makes you gay then you should be damn proud to be gay. You don’t need ignorant people in your life. They will distract you from the important things in life, they will blur your concept of reality.

Dear Oppressor,  You are harming women. You are creating an environment that is dangerous to all women. We often hear things like, “Don’t walk to you car at night… or make sure you park under a street light or maybe don’t go anywhere when its dark outside. make sure you have mace, you should probably take a self defense class. Maybe you should think about buying an actual gun. Maybe you should always have a friend with you, but not a female friend. But make sure its a male friend you can trust because the rapist is often someone the woman knows. Make sure that you have a rape whistle and scream really loud if you see someone. Make sure you always cover your drink when you are out and pick a local bar so you know the layout in case you have to escape from someone. Don’t drink to much and don’t wear revealing clothing. Always tell someone where you are and keep them updated in case you are kidnapped. That way the police have an idea of where you were last. But the best way to prevent rape or assault is to not be a woman at all.” You, oppressor have contributed to this society. You have made the very existence of being a women fearful to most of us and I’m sorry that the fact that I don’t want to have to walk to my car with my keys between my fingers in case someone comes out and tries to assault me ruins your cushy worry free life. I get it, maybe you don’t care because it hasn’t happened to someone you know or love. But change it before it does happen. You can help prevent these things, Oppressor. Or what most people know you as, Silent Observer.

Love is all you need (Plus coconut oil, and witch hazel.)

Time to make a skin care post!

Okay, so in most beauty magazines they describe about 3-4 different skin types.

The first one being

Normal Skin
You lucky bastard.

Normal skin is described as being near perfect. Little to no acne or blackheads, small pores, glowy complexion… You get the idea.

Dry Skin
Beauty that rivals the Sahara.

Dry skin is pretty self descriptive. Dry skin, rough patches, wrinkles tend to be more visible and pores are small.

Oily Skin
“I’m naturally sparkly.”

Once again. self descriptive. Oily skin, more acne and enlarged pores.

Combination Skin

The combination for perfection

This is my skin type. Its annoying, unpredictable, and its hard to find stuff that works for my skin.

Combo skin is described usually as having larger pores, lots of blackheads, and shiny skin.
I also experience phases of dry skin but I believe this is due to eczema.

Now to the fun stuff.

So, I used to have long, dark, thick eyelashes until I started wearing mascara and using make up removers. then they started falling out and even fading in color (is this just me or has it happened to anyone else?) I mourned over the loss of my lashes not realizing that my mascara and eye make up remover may be to blame. No matter how gentle I was My lashes would weaken and fall out on their own. Now right round the time that my mom started making me buy my own make up products and the like I realized how expensive make up remover was. I don’t remember how I found out that oils like olive and coconut would remove make up but I think it was because I used it to tan with all the time and when it got on my face my make up would smudge.

Anyways, Buy a jar of coconut oil, take a small amount and rub it on your eyes for a few minutes then take a rag and wipe it away.
Some of the benefits of coconut oil is that its a great moisturizer, it makes lashes grow longer and thicker, And I think its easier to use then store bought make up remover.

It works like Magic.

Well now that your eye make up is off time to take off the rest of your make up.
(You can use coconut oil to take off your face make up to but it tends to clog my pores so I opt out of it.)

My skin is relatively clear. I have some acne around my hair line due to hair products so I break out in small painful oily pimples and suffer from chronic black heads on my nose and chin. I have used every acne cleanser out there. I’ve used black head removers and the pore strips. But nothing works like witch hazel. This stuff is awesome. It cleans skin, tightens pores, and it removes all the dirt. It also works as a great skin toner.
I also get really bad razor burn and eczema and witch hazel helps with that.
If you don’t have time to use egg whites to reduce baggy eyes witch hazel can help with that too.
When I have a painful oil knot I take a CLEAN needle and poke the knot just to open it up a little, then I take a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel and hold it against it for a few minutes. Normally by the next day its almost gone or swelling has gone down.

So for me, and my skin type these are the only two products I use along with a moisturizer. This is just for my skin type. Maybe if you have oily skin just use the coconut oil for your eyes only. And if you have dry skin use the witch hazel AND the coconut oil on your skin and see if that helps. Also using a small amount of argan oil on your face may help.

There may be a transition period for your skin going natural just like there is one for your hair. So keep that in mind when trying out this skin care method.  It took a little while for my skin to get used to my new cleansing method.

Yay for clear, natural skin!

I just have one thing to say.

I’ve been seeing a lot of pictures on pinterest and Facebook lately. Pictures and posts talking about how “she wears fake eyelashes, that means shes fake” or ” look at her weave, can you believe that?” “I wear mt NATURAL make up… its so much better than caking on 20 pounds of it” or “can you believe what shes wearing? no self respect.”

This is making me scared for my future daughters and my younger sisters. Were living in a society where women are beating each other up over minuscule and materialistic things like hair. make up, clothes and plastic surgery.

I want to say this,

fake eyelashes don’t make someone “fake” neither does coating on a ton of mascara. And if you choose to not wear any that’s great! And if you choose to wear the most glamorous eyelashes at the store then good for you. And if you love having a long and dramatic extensions then that’s awesome! And if you like your hair natural and in an afro, or dreads, or braids then rock it. Just because you can.  If you like spray on tans then go and get one. Or if you prefer your natural skin tone that’s awesome too. If you like to dye your hair purple or pink with green stripes then go ahead because you are so much more than your hair color. you are a person. beautiful in every way.  and the way you choose to express your personality, to express your creativity, and your inner beauty is no body else’s business.

And if you judge someone for being “shallow” for wearing a lot of makeup doesn’t that make you equally as shallow for only focusing on the outward appearance? before you judge someone or think yourself as better then them for the make up choices, or the hair choices you make, take a minute to ask yourself where that’s coming from. Are you insecure? or jealous? I know the answer for me was insecurity. I used to be one of those “better than you because of how I dress, how i wear my make up, how I do my hair” slut shaming type of girl. I hated the way I looked, and I spent hours every day trying to make my self perfect and when I saw people that I thought looked better than me it was easier to call them a name and judge them then to look at myself and deal with my own insecurities. The whole “guys only like her because shes dressed like that” really was “I’m mad guys aren’t looking at me instead.” or “why cant I look like her”

We can blame this problem on the modeling industry portraying unattainable perfection, we can blame the make up industry that convinces us we can buy that perfection, hell, even romantic comedies convincing us getting a guy is the only thing that matters and fight to the death for him.  But its up to us to reverse this cycle. to build each other up not tear each other down.  Insecurity is a disease in young women and girls and we have the ability to cure it but we cannot cure it by completely tearing down other women.

So if your daughter comes to you embarrassed that she has a fuller figured body don’t tell her that “real women have curves” because somewhere there is a very skinny girl who is embarrassed and her mom may be telling her that “they’re just jealous because they’re fat.”  Tell them that they should be proud of their body no matter how it looks, that their body allows them to do amazing things like cartwheels and jumping jacks, and lets them ride their bike all day. It lets them hug their friends and family and feel love. And when they say they hate their eyes remind them that their eyes allow them to see unimaginable beauty from pictures of the universe to the jungles and waterfalls. And when they say they hate their nose remind them that they couldn’t smell the amazing food you cook without it. And if they say they hate their mouth tell them that they could not speak their mind without it, they could not share their feelings or tell people how much they care about them. And if they still say they hate the way they look then remind them that looks in the end, will not matter. Its who you are. mannequins are very pretty but I’ve never seen one change the world. Its your dreams and your passions and the things you care about that make you a good person. And if they have people telling them they are not pretty enough or skinny enough remind them that they are very sick and sad people who have been taught that looks are the only important thing and they feel bad about how they look, and they are trying to give the sickness to everyone else thinking it will make themselves better.

And when they experiment with make up and hair dye, don’t make them feel dumb or silly. This can just cause more insecurities. Because I’ve always believed it takes a terribly confident women to dye her hair pink. If she chooses to express herself through lipstick and eye shadow, or by going completely natural and never wearing make up, that’s okay. That the point of this post. Yes, Inner beauty should be more important than outer beauty. So why worry about it? If someone wants to wear a purple wig on Monday and change to a gold and silver one on Tuesday, don’t sweat it. And if someone wants to go natural and not shave their legs why the hell do you care? and before you call someone fake for having a spray tan or fake nails, or hair, or eyelashes pay attention to their movements… are they moving fluently and speaking normally? yes they are? yep… they aren’t “fake” they are a human. Just like you.